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If you have teeth that are misshaped or worn down and you are looking for a quick and conservative way to solve the problem, Lumineers might be a good alternative for you.

Also known as NO PREPARATION and PAIN FREE veneers.

These are ultra-thin (contact lens-thin) porcelain veneers that get bonded to your tooth enamel. In two appointment we can change your smile practically without drilling and any shots. Please visit Cambridge Square Dental to see if you are a candidate for Lumineers.

Porcelain Veneers are very conservative and beautiful way to repair cracked, discolored, chipped, spaced or misaligned teeth. Veneers are thin custom created porcelain shells that are bonded on the front side of the teeth. Minimal amount of tooth structure is removed during preparation with little discomfort to the patient. Result is radiant and natural smile that you always dreamed of.



Smile - sunshine is good for your teeth

Stained Teeth / White Teeth
  • Are you tired of looking at yellow and discolored teeth every morning?
  • Do you have a wedding coming up?
  • Are you going for job interviews and would like to add some confidence?
  • Are you looking for a smile makeover that is most conservative and painless?

Think Sapphire Whitening!

Sapphire Whitening is easy, fast, safe and highly successful procedure. You see immediate and long lasting result. In just in one hour you can look years younger and have a winning smile.

If you'd like to get your teeth brighter at the comfort of your home, we offer take home professional-strength whitening kits. You can achieve a whiter smile just in 3 days.

Are you interested in keeping your smile brilliant for a lifetime? We offer our patients Whitening for life program. Please call Cambridge Square Dental to schedule a free teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Yana Nemtseva.

Smile makeover

Whitening, porcelain veneers, Lumineers, Invisalign treatments; these are all Cosmetic procedures that are performed at our office. We offer multiple options to our patients that can help you to transform you smile. Our team of experienced professionals will assist you in deciding what is the best treatment alternative for you. Individualized approach, your understanding of proposed treatment and your involvement will help us to achieve bright, healthy and a natural looking smile that you have always dreamed of.