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A laugh is the smile that bursts

Mary H.Waldrip

At Cambridge Square Dental your little one will have an unforgettable experience. Children as young as three years old are welcome to our office. Dr. Yana loves working with kids. We have a kid’s playroom where little patients can occupy themselves before and after their appointments. In the treatment room, our curious visitors will have a detailed explanation of procedures being performed, what's called  the "Show and Tell" technique. They can watch their favorite movies or cartoons, while Dr. Yana does a tooth-by-tooth inspection, examines their gums and evaluates tooth and bone development. With the help of a friendly puppet and highly trained staff, your precious one will be instructed on proper home care. Dr. Yana will discuss the importance of a healthy diet and will suggest ways to change poor eating habits. If a child has dental issues,    Dr. Yana will offer the least stressful and painless treatment. At the end of the visit a child will be rewarded with small prizes and a goody bag.