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All the statistics in the world can not measure the warmth of the smile.

Chris Hart

At Cambridge Square Dental we are committed to helping our patients to achieve a lifetime of optimum oral health. We strive to deliver treatment as gently as possible. We provide contemporary non-invasive high-quality dental services with care and consideration. We have created the most modern dental office possible, so that we can provide the best dental care.

We make certain that our guests are absolutely comfortable and completely understand the procedures to be performed. We do not rush through appointments. We allocate enough time for each visit so our guests do not feel that they are being dashed. Our friendly staff members are always responsive to patients suggestions and concerns.

At Cambridge Square Dental we encourage each member of our team to grow personally and professionally, so we can provide for each other an extraordinary satisfying lifetime career. We make every effort to keep up with ever-changing advances in dental science and education.

We are respectful of the environment and friendly neighbors to the surrounding businesses. Cambridge Square Dental serves the community by being an example of compassionate, progressive, and an enjoyable place to visit and work.

Our Staff/Family


Our Staff/Family